Outdoor board advertising presents a unique set of design challenges. The board must be read quickly, while still communicating the core message. Readers are most often in motion, behind the wheel of a car (and, hopefully, not also distracted with a cell phone call). Those who get stopped by a traffic signal will have a little more time to absorb the message.

Not only do we have static posters to choose from, but also digital and trivision boards, where your message shares space with others. The digital presentation differs greatly in color intensity from its printed poster counterpart, so special attention is needed in image preparation. Reds are especially finicky, so be careful with that steak photo. Medium rare may be appetizing on the plate, but could look likes its bleeding on a digital board.

The real key is to keep it simple, like this board we designed recently for LUS Fiber. One main visual, brief headline/call to action, plus the brand identity. We made slight modifications to the primary design to accommodate print and digital boards, as well as varying board sizes.

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