For everyone following what I’ve now seen referred to as “LogoGarden Gate,” here’s a full list of the logos stolen from the Prejean Creative vault, a total of 28 marks. These include work for a variety of clients, from local/regional entities to major corporations like Motorola and Simon & Schuster.

We are professional designers. We take this issue very seriously, not only as a matter of pride in our work and protection of intellectual property, but on behalf of the clients and brands who have trusted us as a marketing partner. Legal cease & desist demands are expected to go to LogoGarden from several quarters. But LogoGarden is only the most brazen of this type of “logos to go” business model. Helping organizations see the value of a true marketing partner, who helps them build their brands long-term is key to fighting the LogoGardens of the world. More on that to come.