We received a tip from a few designers yesterday that Rackspace, the site host for LogoGarden.com, has a copyright form on their site to request removal of any copyrighted material from the LogoGarden site. I’m pleased to report that this has been an effective course of action and Rackspace has quickly responded to the matter.

We recommend that all designers affected use the following link to fill out their Copyright Notice:


We filled out the form yesterday detailing the full list of the (28) logos of ours we found on the LogoGarden site. I personally combed through the site first thing this morning and only (4) of the (28) remained.

I also received an email this AM from a Rackspace CSR saying they contacted LogoGarden and LogoGarden had notified them that the material in question was removed. Rackspace’s email ended with the following statement:

“Please review the site in question to make a determination of compliance. If there are any outstanding issues with this matter please let me know so that I can take the necessary action to resolve this matter. Please contact us within the next 14 days. If we do not hear from you by August 31, 2011 we will consider this matter resolved. Thank you.”

So, bottom line, this route seems to be the quickest and most effective way to get your stolen logos removed from the site. Rackspace has the ability to put some immediate pressure on them.

I urge all designers to contact Rackspace as soon as possible. It seems to be working.
I’m following up with Rackspace right now concerning our few remaining logos.